2018-2019 Registration for West Melbourne Basketball has closed.
News & Events

The 4th Annual Orlando Magic Night
Friday, January 25, 2019

West Melbourne Night at the Orlando Magic will be on Jan. 25, 2019 as the Magic take on the Washington Wizards at 7 pm at the Amway Center.

Orlando Magic ticket sales representatives will be coming to Rodes Park on December 15 (second game day) to sell tickets to the event.

Please see the event flyer for more information!

To sponsor a team...
Cost of Sponsorship is $60.

Competition Levels
West Melbourne Basketball offers two levels of competition for some of age groups, if there are enough players to support at least four teams at each level.  A summary of the differences between the two levels is shown below. Please see the game rules for the exact differences.
  • Recreation
    • Minimum play time based on substitution schedule (please see the game rules for details)
    • Full court pressing allowed only at specified times
    • For 7/8 year olds, 8.5’ rims used for games
    • Players registered at the Recreation level will not be drafted in the Competitve level draft without prior permission of the parents.
  • Competitive
    • Best suited for experienced players
    • Competitive league players will be selected in a draft of the top players (must have enough competitive players for at least 4 teams) in each competitive age bracket
    • Players not selected by the Competitive draft will be moved to the Recreation draft
    • In general, follows Florida High School basketball rules
    • Free substitutions throughout entire game
    • No minimum play time rule for any player in Competitive Levels. Playing time is at the discretion of the team coaches.
    • Full court pressing allowed at any time