2018-2019 Registration for West Melbourne Basketball has closed.
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Competition Levels
West Melbourne Basketball offers two levels of competition for some of age groups, if there are enough players to support at least four teams at each level.  A summary of the differences between the two levels is shown below. Please see the game rules for the exact differences.
  • Recreation
    • Minimum play time based on substitution schedule (please see the game rules for details)
    • Full court pressing allowed only at specified times
    • For 7/8 year olds, 8.5’ rims used for games
    • Players registered at the Recreation level will not be drafted in the Competitve level draft without prior permission of the parents.
  • Competitive
    • Best suited for experienced players
    • Competitive league players will be selected in a draft of the top players (must have enough competitive players for at least 4 teams) in each competitive age bracket
    • Players not selected by the Competitive draft will be moved to the Recreation draft
    • In general, follows Florida High School basketball rules
    • Free substitutions throughout entire game
    • No minimum play time rule for any player in Competitive Levels. Playing time is at the discretion of the team coaches.
    • Full court pressing allowed at any time